Energy Conversion Group

The thermo-fluid is a well established group in the school of mechanical engineering and every year the best students in the country choose it as their major field. The faculty members of the group are all full-time and highly dedicated individuals with international reputation for their scientific contributions. The group has reputation for offering high quality theoretical and applied courses and each semester a wide range of courses are offered in both undergraduate and graduate levels.


The emergence of Information Age has undoubtedly revolutionized the whole field of mechanical engineering and in particular the discipline of thermo-fluid. In response to this dynamic and evolving situation, the thermo-fluid group has entered to several new areas of exciting scientific activities with emphasize on multidisciplinary aspects of the work. These include but are not limited to Particle-laden flows, Turbo-charging, modified Diesel Engines, Gas turbines, Cavitation, Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulation, Fuel Cells, Vortex Engines, Bio-fluid Engineering, Modeling of Energy Consumption, Mircoelectromechanical Systems, Nanotechnology, Aerosol transport, Efficient Desiccants and Pulse-tube refrigeration.


The research activities are equally dedicated to both experimental and computational approaches. The group coordinates a number of well-equipped laboratories with sophisticated measurement facilities. The computational work in the group enjoys state-of-the-art computer facilities and a home-made cluster. Also, a number of academic programs developed in the group are now re-shaped to be presented as professional softwares to industry.


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General Regulations for Master of Science Program in Energy Conversion