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Center of Excellencein Energy Conversion (CEEC) was established in September 2001, in response to a growing demand for expansion of both fundamental and applied research activities on energy related problems. The CEEC aims at scientific approaches to improve methods of exploration, transportation and utilization of energy resources considering economical and environmental aspects of the problem. All members of CEEC are full-time professors in the School of Mechanical Engineering. The center also has a number of associate members from academia as well as industry. Our research activities equally utilize both experimental and computational approaches. The center has established a number of well-equipped laboratories with sophisticated measurement facilities. Also, the computational activities benefits from state-of-the-art computer facilities and a home-made PC-cluster. The research activities in the CEEC include both fundamental and applied topics and are continually funded by nation-wide industries. The emergence of Information Age has undoubtedly revolutionized the whole field of mechanical engineering and in particular the discipline of thermo-fluid. In response to this dynamic and evolving situation, the CEEC has entered to several new areas of exciting scientific activities with emphasize on multidisciplinary aspects of the work. These include but are not limited to Particle-laden flows, Turbo-charging, modified Diesel Engines, Gas turbines, Cavitation, Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulation, Fuel Cells, Vortex Engines, Bio-fluid Engineering, Modeling of Energy Consumption, Mircoelectromechanical Systems, Nanotechnology, Aerosol transport, Efficient Desiccants and Pulse-tube refrigeration. On the other pages of this site you will find more information about the goals of CEEC, its people and facilities. Enjoy the tour…Mohammad Hassan Saidi (Director)

CEDRA (Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics, and Automation) is the premier applied research, education and technology center in IRAN. It was established in September, 2001 to promote educational and research activities in the fields of Design, Robotics, and Automation. The Ministry of Sciences, Research, and Technology and the Sharif University of Technology are the prime sponsors of CEDRA. CEDRA bridges the gap between national industries and the Sharif University of Technology with a unique ability to harness the intellectual energy of academia to impact Iranian manufacturing. It was established in response to the rapidly growing interest of Iranian industries in robotics and automation in recent years. Sharif University of Technology was chosen to host the center because it has the most active robotics teaching and research activities in Iran dating back to September of 1988.
Ali Meghdari, Ph.D.
Professor and Director


Center of Excellence in Hydrodynamics and Dynamic of Marine Vehicles