Graduate Research Areas

 Applied Mechanics

·         Vibration Analysis of Mechanical Structures and Laminated Composites

·         Analysis of Micro and Nano Structures

·         Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics

·         Analytical and Computational Modeling of Large Deformation of Solids

·         Maintenance Strategies

·         Rotating Machinery Vibrations

·         Frequency Analysis

·         Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

·         Fatigue Life Improvement

·         Residual Stress Analysis and Measurement

·         Fatigue

·         Fracture Mechanics

·         Life Assessment

·         Shot Peening

·         Failure Analysis

·         Elasticity

·         Plasticity

·         Thermo Elasticity  

·         F.E.M in Solid Mechanics

·         Vibration in Beams, Plates and Shells

·         Design, Robotics and Automation

·         Continuum Mechanic, Elasticity, Plates and Shells

·         Plasticity and Large Deformation of Solids

·         Nonlinear Finite Element Methods

·         Applied Mathematics Continuum Modeling of Nano Structures

·         Computational Nano Mechanics

·         Wave Propagation in Solids

·         Design and Analysis of Locomotion in Micro-Robotic Systems

·         Collective and Swarm Robotics

·         Nonlinear and Robust Control of Robotic Mechatronic Systems

·         Theoretical Astrophysics

·         Galactic Dynamics Celestial Mechanics

·         The Three Body Problem

·         Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos

·         Optimal Control Theory

·         Composite Materials and Solid Mechanics

·         Continuum Mechanics and Applied Mathematics

·         Vibrations and Dynamics

·         New Engineering Design Methods

·         Dynamic Systems Optimization

·         Vehicle Dynamics & Chassis Design

·         Mechanisms and Mechanical Design

·         Auto body Die Design

·         Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Systems

·         Chaos and Chaos Control

·         Nonlinear Control

·         Stochastic Control

·         Identification and Filtering

·         Planar and Spatial Mechanisms

·         Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm in System Identification and Optimum Control


Energy Conversion

·         Solar System Dynamics

·         Hydrodynamic Instability Complex Fluids

·         Industrial Ventilation

·         Subsurface Ventilation

·         Optimization of Energy Consumption

·         Process Integration

·         Turbulent flows

·         Thermal Applications of Solar Energy

·         Passive Cooling of Buildings

·         Environmentally Compatible Technologies

·         Entropy and Awareness

·         Ethics in Engineering and Engineering of Ethics

·         Environmental Pollutions

·         Thermal Energy

·         Renewable Energies

·         Particle Laden Flows

·         Water Hammer and Transient Flows

·         Simulation of Flow in Porous Media

·         Turbochargers

·         Turbo charging of Internal Combustion Engines

·         Gas Turbines

·         Advanced Measurement Techniques in Fluid Mechanics

·         Design and Construction of Research Labs in Energy Conversion Fields

·         Finite Element Method

·         Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics

·         Turbulence

·         Heat Transfer and Energy Modeling

·         Computational, Analytical and Experimental Studies in Fluid Mechanics 

·         Heat and Mass Transfer

·         Porous Media Transport Phenomena 

·         Nano Fluids

·         Heat Transfer in Advanced Cooling System

·         Boiling and Condensation in Industrial Applications

·         Thermodynamics

·         Internal Combustion Engines

·         IC Engine Simulation

·         Power Generators

·         Energy Conversion

·         Thermodynamic and Energy Analysis of Power and Refrigeration Systems

·         Pool and Flow Boiling and Condensation on Structured Surfaces and Micro-channels

·         Design of HVAC Systems

·         Clean Rooms Analysis

·         CryoCoolers Analysis

·         Advanced Energy Conversion

·         Computational Methods in Engineering (Thermo-Fluid)

·         Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulation

·         Two Phase Flow

·         Heat Pipes

·         Micro and Nano-Fluids

·         Optical Diagnostic Techniques

·         Renewable Energies

·         Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Transport and Diffusion of  Particles

·         Numerical Analysis of Thermal Hydraulics of Porous Media and Micro-Channels



·         Experimental and Mathematical Modeling in the Fields of Environment and Ocean Engineering

·         Heart Biomechanics and Soft Tissue Analysis

·         Bio-fluid Engineering

·         Dynamics and Vibration of Rigid Bodies

·         Modeling of Biomechanical Systems  

·         Motion Analysis and Sport Biomechanics

·         Bio Instrumenmentation

·         Rehabilitation

·         Biomechanics

·         Nano Robotics and Bio Robotics

·         Motion Analysis

·         Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

·         Surgical Robotics

·         F.E.M in Biomechanics

·         Bioelectricity

·         Bio Robotics

·         Analysis and Control of Human-Machine Interaction in Haptic and Exoskeleton Systems

·         Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Biological Membranes       


 Mechatronics Group

·        Nano Robotics

·        Design, Modeling and Control of Special Purpose Parallel and Hybrid Robotic Systems

·        Design Modeling and Prototyping of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators

·        Dynamics and Robotics

·        Design, Robotics and Automation

·        Manipulators Robotics


 Manufacturing Processes Group

·         Machining of New Engineering Materials (Super Alloys, Fine Ceramics, Composites, SMA, …)

·         Abrasive Machining

·         Ultrasonic Assisted Machining

·         Machine Tools Design and Automation

·         Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing

·         In-process Monitoring Using Acoustic Emission

·         Metal Forming

·         CAD/CAM/CAE

·         Machining Processes and Machine Tools Dynamics

·         FEM Simulation of Large Deformation of Solids

·         Experimental Modal Analysis

·         Intelligent Tolerance Design Based on Tolerance Analysis


 Marine Engineering 


·         Dynamics Modeling and Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Remotely Operated Vehicles (AUV & Rov)

·       Ship Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic

·       Wave Theory

·       Dynamics of Floating Structures

·       Modern Ship Design

·       Experimental and Numerical  Hydrodynamics 

·         Power Transmission Systems in Cars and Ships Machine Design.