Aims & Scopes
  1. To conduct scientific and technological research,
  2. To follow the international technological and industrial developments and to transfer these developments to the Iranian industry and educational programs,
  3. To create original scientific research environments which would help develop the present technology and in turn to encourage creativity,
  4. To provide service to the industry in areas which require high technology (both to the public and private sector),
  5. To educate students work in the private and public sectors,
  6. To collaborate with other establishments on issues related to the specified areas.
  7. To act as a reliable consultant to the government's strategic policies toward automation and robotics.

The main objective of the Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics, and Automation (CEDRA) at the Sharif University of Technology is to study and apply advanced engineering research in design, robotics, sensor/actuator development, expert systems and intelligence.  These topics are applied to problems in environment, energy, natural resources, materials, transportation, information, medicine, and other industries.  CEDRA concentrates on problems that are not amenable to traditional solutions within a single discipline, but rather require a multi-disciplinary systems approach to integrate technologies.  Furthermore, these problems require systems approach to integrate technologies from the different disciplines. Since problem domains are often dynamic in nature and uncertain, these systems require closed loop controllers that incorporate intelligence and machine learning, and generate innovative mechanisms and solutions. Established in 2001, CEDRA includes faculty with various expertise in the above fields.  Research is sponsored by private as well as government-industry initiatives.  Interaction with industry enables CEDRA to identify technical needs that require research, to cooperatively develop solutions, and to generate innovative mechanisms for the technology transfer.
Education is a key element of the CEDRA agenda. CEDRA faculty are actively involved in graduate and undergraduate education at the Sharif University of Technology.  Research activities are incorporated into teaching to produce up-to-date, vital courses that incorporate cross-disciplinary and system approach. Students participate in inter-disciplinary research projects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Facilities include laboratories in the areas of robotics, design, control, machine vision and image processing.
Major equipment includes several educational and research type robot manipulators, robot vehicles, advanced personal computers, machine visions, and accessories.  The center is unique in its faculty and student expertise, its facilities, and it's multi-disciplinary focus on intelligent systems. Opportunities exist for industrial cooperative research projects, focused on areas of specific needs.
Enthusiastic and motivated students are always encouraged to join CEDRA for education and advanced research in the areas of robotics and intelligent systems.

Sponsoring Organizations:
Ministry of Sciences, Research, and Technology of IRAN
Sharif University of Technology