Automatic Control


Automatic Control Lab in Department of Mechanical Engineering
has two main sections: Training Lab and Project Lab.
Training Lab:

In Training section a one unit credit course is offered for undergraduate senior students.Following experiment sets are available for design and analysis of control systems:

  • Thermal System Control
  • Process Control Simulator
  • DC Motor position and speed Control set up
  • PID fault detection unit
  • Liquid Level Control
  • Fluid flow control set up
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic control system kit

Project Lab:

In project Lab section, undergraduate and graduate students produce their own experiment set up. The produced test beds are mostly used in design and analysis of advanced control systems. Some of projects performed in this lab are:

  • Twin Propeller System:

Which is a coupled, 2 DOF, MIMO, nonlinear system with a considerable uncertainty in the input channels.

MIMO Sliding Mode control and nonlinear QFT controls have been applied to this system.

  • Vertical Wind Tunnel:

Fuzzy height control of a variable shape object in a vertical tunnel has been applied to this set up.

2 DOF x-y Inverted Pendulum

Experimental Prototype of Anti-Sway Gantry Crane Control System

4-Legged Walking Robot

Training Prototype of a Rotary Vector (RV) Speed Reduction System