Mechatronics Lab

Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of products and processes. It is a relatively new concept relating to the design of systems, devices, and products aimed at achieving an optimal balance between basic mechanical structure and its overall control.

Research and education at the Mechatronics lab help students gain a better understanding of the principals of electronics and to give them experience with instruments and methods used by technicians and electronic engineers. This lab provides the opportunity for the Mechanical Engineering students to experience working with electronic components and circuits and learn about their integration into microprocessor based electro-mechanical systems. FPGA programming, electronic instrumentation, computer (PC and Micro-controller based) interfacing and real-time control are some of the principles, which the students working in this lab are exposed to.

Some of the projects completed in this lab include:

  •   Design, construction and interfacing of a 5 D.O.F. CMM with computer.

  •   Design, fabrication and real time control of a 2 D.O.F.  

  •    Pantograph electric robot Design and fabrication of a 2 D.O.F. sun light tracker using 8051-Microcontoller.

  •   Optimal design, construction and electronic interfacing of a 6 D.O.F. force sensor.

  •   Design, construction and computer control of a 3 D.O.F. wood working CNC machine.

  •   Fabrication of the electronic drive for an electric furnace and its computer control.

  •   Robust closed loop control of the stepper motors for micro-stepping operation.