Robotics Research laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with a number of powerful personal computers running under Windows.  All PCs are connected in a local network, and have access to the Internet.  A number of major engineering software necessary for mechanical modeling, simulation, and analysis have been installed on these computers.

Some researches which have been done are: 

  • Kinematics /kinetics modeling and analysis of the human knee joints.

  • Force and impedance control of flexible robotics arms.

  • Modeling and simulation of jumping process of a two-legged robot.

  • Modeling and identification of an underwater vehicle equipped with a manipulator arm.

  • Stability analysis of mobile manipulators.

  • Design and fabrication of control system for an underwater ROV equipped with two D.O.F. manipulator.

  • Design and fabrication of a master/slave manipulator.

  • Visual servo control of a robotic arm in an underwater ROV.

  • Attitude control of micro-satellites.

Also some recent research topics being investigated are:

  • Duality of Locomotion and Manipulation

The graduate research assistants working and investigating on the topics at the moment are:

  • Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Lavasani, Ph.D. student

  • Alireza Nemati, Ph.D. student

  • Alireza Taheri, Ph.D. student