Project Workshop

Project workshop is a facility that supports the undergraduate engineering curriculum. This facility is a start-to-finish project center with various electro-mechanical devices and equipments that enables students to take their projects from the initial "idea stage" to the "final product and presentation stage".  Students are trained to work in a team in order to complete their projects.  Upon finalizing their design plans, the students apply their CAD skills to their project design on state-of-the-art PCs.  Once their design is complete, they use the machine shop to build a scaled model or prototype to test their design.  CEDRA believes that it is important for the engineering students to be able to develop intuitive, practical skills through hands-on testing, and gain a feel for practical applications of their ideas.  After fabricating and testing their prototypes, students can create their own computer and video presentations, or "burn" their own CD ROMs. 

Some of these projects are:  

  • Design and fabrication of an interchangeable gripper for master/slave robot

  • Design and simulation of a 5-D.O.F master/slave manipulator

  • Simulation and design of a vibratory bowl feeder

  • Design of part sorters and coin sorters

  • Design and fabrication of a 5 D.O.F. educational robot

  • Design and fabrication of a conveyor and a mobile platform for an educational robot