Advanced Machining Lab.

Coordinator: Dr. J. Akbari & Dr. M. H. Movahhedy, Tel: (+9821) 66165585


-Mechanics of material removal processes

-Analysis and control of vibration in machining

-Design of precision machine tools and spindles

-High speed machining of traditional and new

-engineering materials

-Ultrasonic assisted machining

-Micro and nano scale machining

-Optimization of machining conditions to improve

-dimensional accuracy and surface integrity

-Machining automation and CNC programming

-Improving production rate in machining processes


Lab. Equipment:

-3-Axis CNC machining center equipped with high-speed spindle

-Ultrasonic power generator and piezoelectric transducer head

-3-Axis KISTLER dynamometer and software

-CNC training board and related simulation software

-Portable surface roughness tester

-Metallographic microscope equipped with digital camera

-Vibration test equipment for machine tool dynamic analysis