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Combustion Engines Lab.

Coordinator: Dr. A. Mozafari, Tel: (+9821) 66165551



Theoretical studies and experimental tests on internal combustion engines and obtaining  their  optimum practical performance regarding power production, fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

Combustion modeling in IC engines, turbulent flame speed in SI engines, fuel injection and burning rate study in CI engines.

Theoretical and experimental study of heat transfer from in- cylinder contents to surrounding surfaces, air and environmental pollution by engine exhaust gases.


Lab. Equipments:


Experimental tests on SI and CI engines and obtaining their practical performance characteristics at different running conditions.

Experimental measurement of heat transfer from

in-cylinder contents to surrounding surfaces of the IC engines and also obtaining practical values of indicated, brake and friction powers, at different running conditions.

Exhaust gas pollutants measurement and evaluating methods of pollutants reduction