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Impact and Penetration Lab.

Coordinator: Dr. R. Naghdabadi, Tel: (+9821)66165577




-Penetration Test Apparatus


-Taylor Impact Test Apparatus


-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test Apparatus


-Gas Gun Apparatus for Velocities up to 500 m/s for a 10g Projectile


-Contact and Non-Contact Velocity Measuring Systems







-Design and Manufacturing of Taylor Impact Test, Penetration Test and Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test




-Design and Manufacturing of Montact and


-Non - Contact Velocity Measuring Systems.


-Performing Taylor Impact and Penetration Tests up to 500 m/s for a 10g Projectile.


-Performing Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test for Strain Rates up to 10   1/s.






-Performing Research on Impact Energy Absorber Structures.


-Determining Material Parameters for High Strain Rate Constitutive Models Using Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test.


-Studying Plastic Deformation of Metals at High Strain rate.


-Numerical Simulation of Penetration into Energy Absorber Structures.