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Particle Laden Flows Lab.

Coordinator: Dr. B. Firoozabadi, Tel: (+9821) 66165684



a)            Density and Turbidity Currents:

1-            Flow Structure and Entrainment in 3-D Flows

2-            Turbulence Characteristics

3-            Physical Understanding of the Density Currents Passing Over Obstacles

b)            Settling Tanks

1-            Flow Structure

2-            Improving the Performance


Lab. Equipments:


1.A Tilting Flume Which Was Divided Into Two Parts; a 3-D Part (1.5 m Width, 0.6m Height and 12 m Length) and a 2-D Part (0.2 m Width, 0.6 m Height and 12 m Length) 

2.2 Storage Tanks With 2 and 4 m3 Capacity Upstream and Downstream of The Flume.

3.The Capacity of The Pumps Allows Hydraulic Experiments and Model Tests up to a Discharge of 40 l/min.

4.Flow Velocities Can be Measured by 3D- Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry (ADV).

5.Traverse for ADV Probe Movements (Vertical and Horizontal)

6.A High frame Camera (1000 Frame Per Second)